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Hi! I'm Mark. I am seeking a powerful, beautiful, deeply spiritual Lady/Goddess for awesome marriage. I will take my Goddess to Heaven on Earth and keep her there! This website describes me, the relationship I want and my requirements for the lady I seek.

I'm an amazing catch for an amazing Goddess, but my standards are high and I am controversial, as you will see if you keep reading. Enjoy!


I am divorced and single. You are single, divorced (fully and legally), or widowed. You desire marriage to a fabulous man like me.

If we decide to get married, you are willing to relocate permanently to Los Angeles, California, USA.

You speak at least basic English. If you are not fluent in English you are willing to work hard on your English, both spoken and written, including enrolling in an intensive online English program, such as Open English, until you are fluent.

I'm 66 years old, healthy and take excellent care of myself (for sex, I take herbs which work better than Viagra and are entirely healthy). I intend to live vigorously to at least 120. You may be any age from 30 to 60.

My height is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm), and I have excellent posture. When you are wearing heels, you are not taller than me. You have excellent posture.

I weigh about 170 pounds (77 Kg). You have a TRIM waistline and are NOT overweight. You have healthy eating habits that keep your figure beautiful.

A woman's hair is VERY important to me. Your hair falls at least to your shoulders, either straight or wavy. I love dark hair on women, but it's not required.

You are beautifully dressed and beautifully groomed.

I have three adult children and two grandchildren, all of whom are healthy and normal. Your youngest child should be at least 10, and all your children are healthy and normal. I had a vasectomy, so I cannot give you any children.

I have a degree in Mathematics from UCLA, Magna Cum Laude. You are intelligent, organized and a good student. You have some university education, but need not have a degree.

You do **NOT** hate President Donald Trump. If you are not yet a Trump supporter, you are willing to engage in deep conversation with me to learn why he is a great, great, great man and a vast blessing to our nation and the entire world. Divine Intervention happened in the election on Nov. 8, 2016, to avert a global catastrophe (big topic).

About Me:

I am gallant, confident, intensely romantic, chivalrous and wildly passionate. Perfect gentleman. Deep, sexy voice (women LOVE my voice).

I'm also FUNNY! I love to make women laugh, and to laugh WITH them. I will do almost anything to make a women smile and laugh. One of my favorite things is to tease women! Once we are laughing, then we can really have FUN together!

I'm extremely brilliant and creative.... BUT these are gifts from God, and I use them exclusively as guided by Spirit. Well educated. Highly evolved spiritually. Renaissance Man. Wise. Deep. Intense. Powerful. Again all this is to be used in service of God.

My goals are large. I have founded a spiritual organization devoted to healing this planet by eliminating needless human suffering. I am also creating a new database technology that will revolutionize the computer industry globally. I am grateful that in the summer of 2014, we received a sacred venture investment of one million US dollars! Additional funds are needed, which I am working on right now.

I am nonjudgmental. Advanced skills at emotional processing. I rarely get angry (perhaps 3 times per year and just for a few minutes, then it's gone). Extremely patient... I had to be to get through what I've been through!! Emotionally centered and grounded. Happy (finally). Calm (but also intense, which is not a contradiction). Spending time with me will calm you down and make you feel peaceful inside. But I will also challenge you to expand and grow. I will challenge you to let the Goddess within you be fully expressed in the external world.

Profound, two-way connection with God. I am guided by God in all that I do, day in and day out.

I am several religions. I'm a Christian by John 13:35, where Jesus Himself states, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." I love everyone, am therefore a disciple of Jesus, and hence a Christian. I occasionally chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, which makes me a Buddhist. I go to the Malibu Hindu Temple once a month for Ganehsa Homa (fire ceremony) and Abhishekam (milk pouring ceremony), which makes me a Hindu. I also have my own religion.

I have advanced & powerful sexual skills that, for me, are a spiritual practice (I am a master of tantra). In my life, sexuality is the highest form of spiritual worship. I am the priest and my Goddess is my altar. I will make her explode in ecstasy, so many times she looses count! Every day! Morning and night. By worshipping her sexually, I will empower her, make her shimmer in the Light, make her heart sing in wild, ecstatic rapture, inspire her greatly, deepen her connection with God, and bring out all her highest qualities. I will make her the happiest woman alive!! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO ME.

(No anal sex. No bondage or S&M. All sex must be filled with beauty, light and love.)

I am tobacco free, alcohol free, drug free and disease free. Clean, healthy vegetarian (since 1977).

For exercise, I do yoga stretches and take walks. I do ballroom dancing weekly, which is great exercise (Waltz, Fox Trot, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Cha Cha and Salsa). But the BEST exercise is sex!

I am strongly in favor of empowering women, but I am opposed to modern "feminism" which is more about weakening men than it is about empowering women. Also, I oppose laws that prohibit prostitution. I believe a woman should have the right to sell sex, and a man should have the right to buy sex. I actually believe prostitution (between consenting adults and WITHOUT force or fraud) is GOOD! Millions of women are, or have been, prostitutes, and most of them are GOOD people. These are big topics we must discuss. I would love it if my Goddess has been a prostitute, but it's NOT required!! ☺☺☺

I am NOT perfect, so I will confess to you my biggest weaknesses and problems. I prefer that you hear this directly from me. I am looking for a woman who accepts me WITH my problems, and will support me in overcoming them, just as I will support her in overcoming her problems.

Problem 1. At my age, with my large goals and a lifetime of hard work, I *should* have already been successful. But I have not yet attained the professional success I want. As I stated above, we received a one-million US dollar investment in 2014, and we used that money to create significant value, but we still do not have our technology product on the market. We need additional funds, and many challenges lie ahead. I cannot promise you success, but having the right woman with me will be a huge help! In the meantime, I do legal work for attorneys (at US $125 per hour). If you want someone who has already attained his wealth, then I am not your guy.

Problem 2. Some people are scared of me. I am an extremely unusual person who thinks independently, and I have learned that some people are scared of that. Some women love reading this profile, while other women get upset! I have been nonviolent my entire life. I do not intentionally hurt anyone's feeling, but there have been times when I made mistakes, and I have always apologized. Anyway, if you are scared of me, then I am not your guy.

Problem 3. Some people hate me. I do not hate them. I love everyone unconditionally. Some people have tried to assassinate my character by posting very bad things about me on the Internet. They are lies. If you believe attacks on someone's character without confirming the truth of the matter, then I am not your guy.

As a spiritual man, I know I should not let Problems 1, 2 and 3 upset me. I'm working on it, but I'm not there yet. They DO upset me. They hurt me very deeply.

I am thankful that many people know the truth about me, including these woman who have written letters... here are some excerpts:

"Mark was my boyfriend from November 2012 through March 2013. I can vouch for his outstanding character in every respect. Mark is a perfect gentleman."
Isabel Charleston

"I have known Mark since 2006. We are neighbors... He is a close friend, and he has been very kind to me and my two daughters, who were children when I first knew Mark and are now young women. He has been in my home many times, and my daughters and I have been in his home many times. Mark has always been there for me, including in times of emergency."
Tami Cade

"I am a close personal friend of Mark [for 15 years]. I can vouch for his outstanding character in every respect. Our relationship has always been platonic. I have traveled with Mark and stayed in his home, and he has never done anything even remotely inappropriate. Mark is a perfect gentleman."
Michele Hubbard

"I was born in a South American nation, where have lived my entire life. I speak Spanish fluently. I met Mark on an international dating website in February 2017. In April 2017, I traveled to Los Angeles and stayed with him for approximately two weeks. Our relationship is excellent. [Unfortunately, due to problems on my end (having nothing to do with Mark) we had to end our romance, but we remain friends.]"
Maria Gomez [name changed]

"I have known Mark since January 2012. Mark is one of my dearest friends, and I would trust him with my life."
Rosemary Kelly

I am sensitive, kind, caring and sweet. Huge heart that loves unconditionally. Extremely strong male energy but vulnerable (I fall in love easily).


About the Lady I Seek:

You are beautiful inside and outside. On the inside, you are a beautiful soul with a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart. On the outside, you have a beautiful face, beautiful hair, beautiful skin, a beautiful figure, and a beautiful speaking voice.

You are intelligent, sophisticated and deeply spiritual. You are willing to become a Goddess and a Light Worker. You possess the STRENGTH and COURAGE to have FUN with me and travel with me, supporting me as I unfold my large goals. You want to take significant responsibility for getting our planet out of the mess that it's in.

You are a confident, classy, elegant, sweet, feminine, unconditionally loving LADY with strong social skills and the utmost integrity. You are magnetic, gregarious, and people LOVE being with you. You have LOTS of friends.

You will LOVE going out with me to the symphony, the ballet, the opera, musical theater, art galleries and other classy events.

Spirituality is the CENTER of your life. You believe in God, love God, and know that God loves you. You can FEEL God's presence in your life, and can SEE God's miracles, including in your own life. You pray several times each day. You are very interested in meditation. You are ready to learn advanced meditation and breathing practices that will greatly reduce your stress, calm your emotions and deepen your connection with God.

You are physically healthy and mentally healthy. No psych meds. You are tobacco free and drug free. You are either alcohol free or nearly so (an occasional glass of wine is okay).

You are intensely passionate, deeply sexual and have a HUGE sexual appetite. You are VERY open-minded about sex. You are ready to surrender to me and let me WORSHIP you sexually as my Goddess. The deeper you surrender, the higher I can lift you. You are physically, emotionally and mentally ready to experience extremely high and prolonged sexual ecstasy, every day.


You love to dance. You would love to learn ballroom dancing and are willing to take lessons.

You have an open/flexible mind capable of embracing beautiful/powerful new concepts "outside the box" of common thinking in today's heavily propagandized, massively corrupt society. This is a big topic we must discuss.

You have BIG DREAMS! You see all the suffering and evil in the world, but you also see tremendous good in the world, including the huge potential for creating heaven on this earth. You dream to play a BIG part in making this planet a wonderful place for everyone.

You are BRAVE and STRONG. You know that to transform the world into the Light, we must face the darkness, and that sometimes it's going to hurt. You are willing to walk through your own fire of spiritual transformation to help the world transform.

You are an excellent judge of character and can clearly see the depth of MY character.

A few years in the future, we are going to be wealthy, famous and powerful (for several reasons). We will need to do a lot of traveling together. You are willing to do public speaking with me in front of large audiences and on television. We will speak about VERY important things that will interest millions of people, and some of those things will be VERY controversial. We will give a lot of money to worthy causes. You will handle our weath, fame and power with grace and humility, loving EVERY person. Also, the wealth we acquire will be held in a sophisticated legal structure, and you are willing to understand how that works and participate in its stewardship/management.

You totally LOVE everything I've written so far, and you are excited about connecting with me!

Contact Me:

If you meet my requirements and are interested, please contact me by email, text message or WhatsApp.

Please write in English.

Please provide your name, age, height and weight, the city and country where you live, your country of citizenship, marital status and phone number. Then tell me about yourself, including the ages of your children, your level of education, and why you meet my qualifications. Also tell me how you feel about me and what I have written here.

Please attach at least two photos, including a closeup of your face (without sunglasses) and a full body picture that shows your figure and waistline.

Thank you and God bless you!





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